The Polish people are very friendly and respectful of the customs of the ancient world. Having heard that Poland is a backward country, it was surprised to see so many people doing business.

The natives of this city have worked hard and took an active part in improving and promoting the economic situation and transform this great city a cultural center. Not only has become a hot tourist destination, but also people living in other Polish cities to visit this big city in search of better jobs, better education and of course a better lifestyle.

Traditionally, in Poland, a woman’s place was in the house, and his government in family matters was absolute. The Socialist government offered women opportunities for higher education and employment.

Women live in a male-society groups working to change national attitudes. They are subject to domestic violence in the home and sexual harassment in the workplace. They also have less access to credit and employment. Very few women have reached leadership positions in politics, business and the professions. They are excluded from leadership in the Catholic Church.

Among peasants and workers, there is a strong patriarchal ideology and the husband tends to be regarded as superior and master. The wife is expected to make it clear that her husband is the head of the family. However, a man does not make important decisions without consulting his wife. In the upper-class families and intellectuals is more egalitarian relationship, and a man highly values ​​the opinions of his wife and a lawyer.

People tend to marry before the age of 20. Single women over 20 were considered a subjected to public censure and ridicule. Both men and women expect to marry, have children, and have only one spouse for life. Marriage has always been seen as a sacred responsibility, and it is believed that the single or never married, cannot be truly happy and will have the difficulty obtaining salvation.

Traditionally, most marriages were arranged to improve the fortunes of the family. Love was not important. Formal divorce was difficult. However, one way out was for a partner to move, apparently to make money in a faraway place, and never returned.

There is great emphasis on being friendly and courteous. The men are expected to kiss the hands of the women and behave with decorum. An acceptable gift for women is an odd number of flowers, whether a woman is the recipient or presenter. Most men consider themselves judges of a drink, and men’s gift is the alcohol standard. Always drink from a cup, not directly from a bottle.

About 95 percent of people in Poland are Roman Catholics; with about 75 percent attend religious services regularly. The other five percent are Eastern Orthodox, Protestant and other Christian religions. Judaism and Muslims are the largest non-Christian religions.