Warsaw, Poland

In the northern Baltic Sea, Poland is surrounded by Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia and other countries. The Central European country was between the first countries that should be attacked and taken by the Nazi regime of Hitler. Today, however, Poland is a modern and developed country with a stable democracy and a robust economy.
Poland is divided into five regions – North, South, East, West and Central. These regions have their own distinct climate and topography, ranging from the forest in the center and east of the mountains in southern and coastal beaches in the north.

There are many cities – including Paris, Budapest and New York – where individual districts are characterized by their specific characteristics, and these play an important role in defining the character of the city. Warsaw was the same and so can be new, but for now the districts of the city is in the process of renewal and modernization. How will anyone know, but the pace of development and changes are very fast.

And what most people know about Poland? Perhaps the name of its capital, Warsaw, Poland’s capital of some facts of history or economic issues, but we do know that Poland is one of the most interesting places in Europe? And you can be the most appreciated in the destiny of this continent?

In a sense you really have to be a place to appreciate the subtleties that distinguish many of the districts of Warsaw. Over time, are slowly gaining new character. However, the districts of Warsaw was a causality of the Second World War. As the city began its rapid development, their neighborhoods are coming back to life. Witnessing gradually becomes part of what makes Warsaw as an interesting place.

This amazing city is full of contrasts, questions and wonder. Warsaw will not leave you different – the reflection and the euphoria of the time they come to mind.

This country is full of mysterious places, legends, myths, etc. Each one largest city and famous places in Poland is only a different reason. Sopot, Warsaw, Krakow, Zakopane, each one is worth visiting and spending time in.

Youth is visible everywhere. It filled the houses of opera, operetta, opera and chamber National Philharmonic of Warsaw and the headquarters of twenty-eight rooms are seen walking through the rooms and thirty-five museums in the capital and 60 art galleries.

Warsaw is now the most cosmopolitan, dynamic and progressive of all Polish cities, luxury hotels, elegant shops and various services. If you are interested in the theater, good food, shopping, museums and bazaars, there is more choice here than in any other Polish city.