By Taxi
If your polish is up to par, or its driver feel like practicing your English, it could be an endless discourse on anything from politics to Balzac – that is, no sense of humor, but deep.

The Warsaw taxi drivers do not have the best reputation in regard to freight rate, in particular from the airport. Avoid hanging drivers around the arrival gates – which is a guarantee of fraud, as in any city. Call a taxi (or ask any of the information points to do it for you), or simply head to a taxi from the airport and find clearly marked taxis. The absolute easiest way to be picked up from the airport is to let someone do it for you.

By Car
You can rent a car to move, but if you plan to spend most of their time in the city, think carefully. Apart from the difficulty of driving on the right, there are trams to deal with an incredulous one-way system and signs that have the Poles that even natives struggle to understand. Parking is severely restricted in the Old and New Town, and there are three different enforcement agencies (Parking, Municipal and National Police) to deal with. The alternative, public transportation is a better bet.

By Public Transportation

What most cities dream – a safe city, efficient and inexpensive to scale, through a network of trams, buses and metro. Although Warsaw underground has only one line at the time, is by far the fastest way to get around the city – not just to avoid the terrible traffic in Warsaw, but you can hide the heat of summer or cold winter in a climate-controlled subway car. Buy your tickets at any of the small kiosks that are scattered around the city. All trips cost the same (2.80 zloty), regardless of the distance. Jump on board the bus or tram and punch your ticket in a bit of orange and brown boxes that are everywhere. Keep the heel stamping controls not uncommon for undercover inspectors.

By Bus Main bus station in Warsaw, Dworzec PKS Zachodni, 10 minutes from the central bus station 127 or 130, serves the longer haul routes, both domestic and international. Domestic bus headed eastward out of Dworzec PKS Stadion on the eastern bank of the Vistula.

The private sector long distance Polski Express bus service that goes to most major destinations within Poland, arrives and departs from the station of Jana Pawa II, between Central Station and the Holiday Inn. Polski Express also stops at the airport. Lódz central bus station (Dworzec Centralny PKS) is connected to the Lódz Fabryczna train station; it’s also within a 15-minute walk of Piotrkowska Street. Both regular buses and Polski Express buses stop there. The north bus terminal is approximately 1 km from the city center (tram number 5 will take you to the town center) and is served by regular buses only.

By Train
Warsaw has three stations for long-distance trains:

Dworzec Centralny or Warszawa Centralna (Warsaw Central)

Dworzec Wschodni or Warszawa Wschodnia (Warsaw East)

Dworzec Zachodni or Warszawa Zachodnia (Warsaw West)

Unless you really know what you are doing, the best option is Dworzec Centralny (Warszawa Centralna) station, as it has better connections to all parts of the city. All long distance trains passing through this station and everything stops there. It is the only long distance underground station.