Attention, culture vultures and aesthetics: Warsaw is calling. Fall into this brave city, but great for the weekend and you will discover budding art stars, avant-garde fashion and Soviet-style buildings preserved in curatorial amber. All this and a lively nightlife scene.

Architecture Old and New: Last year, the city received its first offer of the star architect Sir Norman Foster, the seven-story building of glass and concrete Metropolitan, a mixed-use structure that resembles a spacecraft in central Marshal Pilsudski Square. After years of cursing monstrosities of this block yesterday, design aficionados are entranced by them. An example is the Palace of Culture and Science, an ominous Big Brother como un structure commissioned by Stalin of the Soviet people present. Today, however, the huge Soviet statues dot the landscape worker who look hip rather of disturbing, while the film is one of those older popcorn palaces. Discover the Sofitel Victoria Hotel, with its bold architectural style 1960’s-Soviet.

Culture: After communism, it is necessary first supermarket, and now it finally getting museums. The city has a cultural face lift, with the recent opening of the Warsaw Uprising Museum and the Museum of the History of the Jews of Poland and the Museum of Contemporary Art Warsaw is scheduled to be completed in the next year or two. For now, modern art lovers can visit the Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, a space for contemporary art and political which was formed following the 1980 Solidarity movement.

Fashion: As in most cities in Eastern Europe, H & M and Zara have conquered the street. For less mainstream fashion, you have to go further.

Art: As the Leipzig and Berlin art scenes have been chosen, international curators and collectors have migrated here to mine for talent less known at discounted prices.

A Boutique Hotel: The operation of the city of Rialto’s first boutique hotel, with all the details: Flat screen TVs, DVD library, etc. The look is Art Deco style, even the parquet floors; Tamara de Lempicka prints lift and mother-of-pearl. Some rooms have immaculate reproduction furniture secessionist Vienna in an atmosphere of fin-de-siècle, while others have a more in Africa, zebra rugs and tribal masks.

Food and Drink: Most of the villagers living on pirogues, so gourmet noshing options are close to zero. Nami Miedzy offers quesadillas and coffee with milk domiciles as MTV, VJ and British week ending who have flown more than Easyjet. The Poles take drinking seriously, so for a cocktail made with expertise, the head of the Metropolitan Building Cinnamon. The look (white leather banquette) and mischief night (Hilton table dancing style) are a little more than South Beach, but it is ideal for early evening gin and tonic.