Long Weekend

Want to spend the long weekend in a cold place, with an unforgettable atmosphere and unique history that is felt in every corner? Therefore, Krakow in Poland is the perfect destination for you!

Getting there?
The best option is by plane. Many low cost airlines offering cheap flights to Krakówfrom all major cities in the United Kingdom. Even if you book a flight at the last moment, the price is still attractive. You can arrange your trip on your own or use the services of tour operators offering tours to Krakow issue.

Where to stay?

Kraków is one oldest city in Poland and the history – also one of the most important countries. It used to be the capital of Poland, making it popular with tourists. Because of its popularity, the supply of hotels, hostels and private rooms for rent in Kraków is very rich. Everyone can find accommodation according to their financial capacity and needs.

What to see?
Warsaw is actually a compact city, everything should be good fun is found throughout the old town, such as clubs, museums, shopping malls, the most important monuments (Wawel Royal Castle with the monument of the legendary dragon spits fire, Sukiennice, beautiful spring Wisla, Jagiellonian University, National Museum, Barbakan and many more) and restaurants. The city is famous for its nightlife, too. There are over 400 bars and clubs around the center, so if you have an apartment in the center, you can easily go to walk anywhere.

And if you are looking for a relaxing spa weekend, Warsaw is definitely the city for you! There are spa rooms in almost every street. They all offer the usual spa treatments such as massage, manicure, pedicure, facial and hair treatment. And best of all is the low price! There is also a wide range of aesthetic clinics for those interested in this type of treatment.

Where to eat?

The Polish cuisine is very heavy and you may not want it for lunch and dinner. But that’s not a problem, since Warsaw has many international restaurants. A must visit is Polish restaurant U Kucharzy, located near the end of the Royal Route close to Hotel Bristol. The restaurant is very famous and is always reserved, so you need to make a reservation at least a week before your visit, especially if you are more than two people.

Another Polish restaurant is Ale Gloria . If you are looking for Asian food you should try papaya or sense. On the street of Burakowska you can combine shopping with lunch or dinner in the cozy Mielzynski, a combined wine auction and restaurant.

There are plenty of cafes around Warsaw, you do not have that long search for a solution of sugar. Most cafes offer mostly cakes, so do not expect to find a large salad sandwich or healthy. You should check out the famous café Wedel ul. Szpitalna 8 and test your hot chocolate. There is always Starbucks and Costa on Nowy Swiat if your’e looking for that kind of café.

What to buy?
Nowy Swiat is the place to go for an afternoon lost in a familiar range of beauty shops, perfumes and boutiques, and if you need to rest between shopping, pop in Nowy Swiat Blikle 33, the oldest house of cake and coffee the city.