Car Rental

The city is now one of the most beautiful in Poland, with its magnificent buildings, the monuments of Renaissance and a promenade filled with cosmopolitan restaurants, bars and cafes.

The charismatic and stunning city of Krakow is Poland, which is situated in the south of the country, largely escaped the destruction of the Second World War. This has resulted in a charming town that retains much of its historic glory.

With more than 125,000 kilometers of roads spanning the country, hiring your own vehicle is a great way to discover many hidden gems scattered throughout the wonderfully diverse landscape.

It is true that much of Poland’s roads are in poor condition and can present a real challenge for the more conventional driver. Therefore, it is recommended that you opt for a 4×4, which should make the trip much more comfortable.

In addition, the option of hiring a major rental agencies mean that you can take advantage of one way to collect bids, which pick up your car in one city and return it to another. The richness of the countryside to explore, along with the price of cheap gasoline makes Poland an excellent country to take advantage of such agreements.

Well, that public transportation here is pretty good. Sure, the roads are not the best in the world. And, of course, traffic in Warsaw may be enough to turn hair grays of your children. But sometimes you just need your own ride.

We can relate. Perhaps you are coming to Warsaw with your family or a group of friends or colleagues. Or maybe you are not too keen on the idea of being in a metro every day. There are plenty of good reasons to think why a rental car or car hire might be the best option.

Start renting a car, while in Warsaw. Just remember to drive defensively around here – almost all others do not. Finally, just to prepare, prices can be a little higher. The reason? For example, you will not find a rental car in every corner of the form in some countries. And secondly, there is a relatively high population of people who like to borrow vehicles from others without asking.

When you select a vehicle type, you will see an average of how many people and how many pieces of luggage will be accommodated by this car type. Pay attention to the particularities of each type of vehicle to ensure that meets your needs before booking.

All the same rental car (car hire) gives you all the independence you could want. So enjoy the streets of Warsaw! Drive safely.