Tourists in Warsaw are in the mood for a little adventure will not have to look far. The city is full of things to do for actively. Fishing is one of the most popular activities for locals and visitors can enjoy it with them throughout the year. Rivers in summer and lakes in the winter for ice fishing.

Another popular activity among visitors asset is horse back riding. Very popular among the Poles who love horses. The outskirts of Warsaw there are several riding stables where horses can be hired either per hour or classes.

Larger groups, however, could find a better and safer to book these events in advance to ensure availability. For paintball, quads, interior shot, indoor or outdoor karting, Hummer limousine transfers, driving tanks and more adrenaline-filled day and night activities.

No need to leave town and head for the hills to enjoy winter sports. You can burn calories by skating, playing hockey, skiing, snowboarding and Nordic Walking. And there is no shortage of places in the capital to practice winter sports.

If it’s skating that gives your motor running, then you will be happy to know that Warsaw has six the rinks indoor skate and 12 outdoor skating rinks of the city. Some are in primary school, so admission is free.

Football– If you are in Warsaw you may be interested in attending one of the football matches played in the equation by one team in Warsaw, playing in Polish Premier League – Legia Warsaw.

Bowling– If you are in Warsaw and the pins get lost or you would like to feel like ‘Big Lebowsky’ go for it and improve your mood in the bowling center in Hula Kula, right down to the new location of the library of the Warsaw University at 56 Dobra Street.

Tennis– Tie Break is a Tennis school established in 1991. There are three tennis facility in Warsaw, all in very good condition. At ul. Koncertowa 8a, ul. Stoklosy 2a and ul. Rosola 19.

Biking– Cycling in Warsaw is becoming easier and safer in most years. Although the network of cycle lanes are not as extensive as in Germany, Holland or some other bike friendly countries but is gradually improving.

Basketball– If this is the season and you enjoy the fun game of basketball, make sure you visit Poland Warsaw basketball team for the upcoming games. They have the games in Bielany’s Physical Education Academy (AWF) or Torwar venue. A lot of fun and many yells for the good team players.

Rollerskating– Roller skating is becoming more popular in Poland and Warsaw. A great place for skaters is in Mokotowskie Polo Park. It is very near at the city of Warsaw.

Swimming– If you would like to swim (In-door Olympic size pool) or enjoy taking advantage of the many attractions of this most beautiful water park in Warsaw go to Wodny Park (only water park) in Warszawianka Sports Complex at 4 Merliniego Street. You can also play squash there.