People in Poland love shopping, so it’s no wonder that Warsaw has some of the largest malls in Europe. In Poland it is even possible to shop on Sunday.

Warsaw has a long way to go before it is considered a mecca of shopping, but, the city now promotes a variety of shops that make the research not only advisable but necessary. Whether it’s a Western-style shopping malls, designer boutiques, dusty shops of the family or antique markets. A day of shopping can result in two deals and treasures.

The best places to buy are the malls have been built in the last 10 years, usually contain a supermarket, so you will be able to do all you’re shopping in one place. Most often the malls are equipped with movie theaters and even gymnasiums.

Arkadia– Locates in Rondo Radoslawa (Babka) is the largest shopping center in Eastern Europe and by far the largest mall in Warsaw. Over 200 stores can be found here. The greatest advantage compared to other malls in Warsaw, besides to size, is the variety of culinary offerings.

Blue City– is a modern shopping center with nearly 200 stores, including 20 food outlets. Medical treatments are part of the offer, such as game and a giant entertainment that is divided according to age (children, youth and a nightclub for adults). In the center of the building is a fountain that allows the water jump to 26 meters. Next to the fountain, you will see some benches where it is nice to see and relax.

Fort Wola– Seems the only mall in Warsaw that is not almost fully rented. It is only recommended to go there if you live nearby, Wola Park has a lot more to offer is not far away. Currently one finds about 50 stores in the shopping center Including a real supermarket.

Galeria Bemowo– is a little smaller shopping mall with about 80 stores in the northwest of Warsaw. However, you will be able to do much shopping, especially because of the large Carrefour hypermarket. At the side (left side) is a multiplex cinema (Cinema City) and leisure center (Hokus Pokus) with pool table, bowling and arcade games.

Galeria Mokotow– is a particularly nice mall in the south of Warsaw, in one part of town called Mokotow. Opened in 2000 and remains one of the most popular. With over 200 stores spread throughout the 60,000 square meters, there is much to see, to eat (30 food outlets) and to shop. In addition, the complex has a large cinema, a gym, a bowling alley with arcade games and a place where children can play.

– was one of the first shopping centers in Warsaw, it was inaugurated in 1999. However, in the meantime, the center was renovated and due to its familiar atmosphere will still manages to attract enough visitors in spite of Arkadia is just 1 km away. Its greatest advantage is the short walk from the parking to the shops, for people who just buy something quick.

Centrum Handlowe– is managed by the German Metro Group, and has another 8 elsewhere in Poland. This mall is on the outskirts of Warsaw in Marki and includes 60 shops, including major brands of Metro.

Promenada– is the most western Europe as a commercial center in Warsaw. It houses more than 200 stores. While most of the other malls rather reminiscent of typical American shopping as it would be expected in Paris or another city of Europe. Promenade was first shopping center to open in Warsaw. Opened in 1996 and expanded in 1999(which now includes a 13 movie screen). No other shopping center has more points of the fashion designer than Promenada. The supermarket (Alma) is more of a delicatessen giant supermarket , you will find lots of products here that are not available anywhere else in Warsaw.

Zlote Tarasy– is the newest shopping center in Warsaw. Located in the city center nears the central station. Check out the beautiful designed roof of the mall opened in 2007. With 200 shops and sufficient chance of finding food and consumption opportunities. You can have a good time at Poland’s Hard Rock Cafe or the building of cinemas, if you like sports, there is also a gym in the complex.