Partners ironic if I said that to eat well in Warsaw had to repair to an embassy style Ferrero Rocher, and Hob Nob, with all the diplomats. But gone are the days when the capital was a culinary dessert.

Today, new places are springing up like mushrooms in autumn – and the variety of offer has erased the old Eastern bloc sad stereotype. From elegant Italian numbers funky fusion joints, you will not starve in Warsaw!

There are 86 Warsaw restaurants at present.

Warsaw has come a long way and fast, and nowhere more obvious urban vitality in the progressive scene culinary city.

Tourists will be delighted to know that there is no shortage of fast food in Warsaw. The most popular brands are, of course, McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut, but there are few Subway sandwich shops and even a Burger King. The prices charged on most of these restaurants can be expensive by the standards of Poland.

Sakana– Best sushi in Warsaw, so some say. The food floating in small wooden boats, while the interior is lit by small pieces of bamboo and shakes, handmade pottery and adequate staffing kimono.

Dom Polski– Much ink has been spilled about the virtues of Dom Polski, some of them in these pages, but there is no getting around the fact that this is a good restaurant.

Chlopskie Jadlo– Another company in the chain throughout the country, this time with jars of pickles and ham strings decorate an interior full of charming primitive wooden boxes and rusty saws.

Villa Foksal– Villa Foksal has always had a name for good food and an elegant restaurant and modernise. It is one hottest street of Warsaw. The presentation is impeccable, the cuisine excellent and the menu is an inventive interpretation of the European standard.

Nu Jazz Bistro– Slick interior, modern, with high pillars and cavernous ceilings lend this place of fantastic sound, something you notice when a live act appears.

Restauracja Concept– It is difficult to do justice to a restaurant concepts, one restaurant most impressive experiences are in Warsaw. Located in an old bathhouse before the war this place is gained access by a bleak future courtyard, flanked on each side by kebab stands and dives the student.

Restauracja Rozana– A two-floor prewar chichi town full of touches, flowers and cooking utensils. Very nice, but soon learn that attract as return because of the kitchen, not the inside.


77 Sushi– The number 77 may refer to the number of stops sushi in town – in fact, it says a lot about the city is now easier to find sushi that it is a cabbage.

Oberża Pod Czerwonym Wieprzem– The story here is a good ‘of the UN. In 2006, workers discovered a secret underground restaurant frequented by all communist bad guys never think, Mao, Lenin, Castro and Brezhnev, to name a few.