Move aside the pretenders! Many cities claim to the best parties in Poland, but only the credentials of the Warsaw nightlife lead to serious analysis.

The most sensible people agree that the prelude to the night clubs good starts in a bar. The opportunity to hear hardcore trance drove by deafening while topless supermodels square heads are not so attractive when sober. Of course, there are many who say it is not so attractive when drunk, in which case the bar takes on added import as the sole focus of the night. But if you are dropping out, just for the sake of oiled up, or because you intend to become part of the furniture, may we recommend you check the bars when in Warsaw.

Obiekt Znaleziony– It is a specific club – restaurant in the underground of the Gallery of Art “Zacheta”, the largest cellar in all Warsaw.¬†During the day Obiekt is a restaurant and a cafeteria. At nightfall it changes in a club. The last but not the least, the club is a place of music and cultural events: concerts, parties with Dj’s, promotions of books, performances, debates, poetry and music slams. Lots of activities make this club a favorite of many young and creative people with an open minds, wide music and horizons of art. The music is very diversified, under the theme of the night (indie, electro, jazz, blues, etc.). Certainly, everyone can find something special for them there.

Harlem– Harlem is a favorite of hip-hop and amateur dance. Located in the old warehouse, the abandoned industrial (Kolejowa street) is a perfect place for fans of R & B and hip-hop. Not only they can hear the hits, but they can feel the real atmosphere of the ghetto as well. On Saturday, the club is usually full of people with distinctive clothing. The main attraction of this place is given very often, Hip-hop dance shows presented by the best dancers in town. For those who want to shine, there is a rhythm in the feet of the center of the club. During summer the club also offers a large garden. Harlem is really worth seeing.

Saturator and Hydrozagadka– The two clubs are in the district of Prague, close in many other clubs, all in one backyard. In Saturator there are 3 floors, each are offers different types of music (mostly: alternative, electro, indietronica, pop, etc). Hydrozagadka (the name comes from the title of the famous Polish comedy, a former criminal) is a place where concerts are often held in Polish or foreign musicians, and cultural events.

Cinnamon– The club is in the Metropolitan building in the Old City. It is a favorite place of celebrities in Poland: fashionable, sophisticated and very expensive. First, if you come you have to pass the selection, which is not so easy if you are not pretty and dressed well enough. Cinnamon is the most famous club in Warsaw, however – it is not only in the positive direction. Most young people prefer the most relaxed and cheaper places. Anyway, it is certainly worth seeing the rich insight and feel the atmosphere of fame and success. The Domino Club, funky and house music.

Sheesa– A great place to explore Warsaw, Arab-style evening. Hookahs, belly dancers and much more to offer many oriental adventure.

Patrick’s Irish Pub– a higher place in its class if you want the all nightlife is a good old pint of the black stuff.