For the tourists that who loves music, there is so much been to enjoy in Warsaw by listening musics, live musics, classical, modern, jazz etc. It had been able to gather some information about different musics for you to visit some places that offer in the clubs, and most of all check out some places, that offers live music for free.

Top 10 Live Music in Warsaw

Elegancki Bolek

Irish Pub

New Deep Club

Space Club Warsaw



Restauracja Polska Rozana

Jazz Cafe Helikon

Imielin Cultural Center

Live Jazz in Jazz Bistro– Tuesday to Friday Jazz Bistro / restaurant offers free live music atmosphere with a combination of good food and cold tip of jazz music.

Bojangles Bar & Lounge Live Music– Let’s have a live music from Monday to Friday with the best pianist Konstantin Ivlev playing a program that ranges from 50’s to current pop. There are also hints of classical, soul, swing and even Latin, something so absolutely everyone.

Filharmonia Narodowa (National Philharmonic)– The Filharmonia Narodowa hosts an excellent concert season with the visit of world-renowned artists and orchestras, and Polish composers. Popular concerts of classical music for children to run for years by Jadwiga Mackiewicz, who herself is almost a national institution.

Studio Koncertowe Polskiego Radia (Polish Radio Concert Studio)– Polish Radio Concert Studio, open since 1992, has excellent acoustics and popular programs, most classic and modern classic (and sometimes jazz).

Towarzystwo (Fryderyka Chopina)– Chopin in Warsaw, Frederic Chopin and chamber recitals organize concerts in the Palace Ostrogski (Ostrogski Palace).

Underground Music Cafe– A swarm of students and backpackers pour into this club in the basement for its cheap beer, the dark lighting and music selection that varies from between 70’s and 80’s to the house, R & B and hip-hop.

Plan B- This small bar squeezed and stretched into attic overlooking Saviour Square Borders on dingy, but the mix of students and young office workers do not seem to mind. Find some couch space and try to relax to smooth beats from regular DJ’s.

Klubokawiarnia- Under the constant gaze of the common icons, dance all night to music with a cool party crowd in the club’s basement. Costume Regular events are held to give life to a night that already funky night.

M25– M25 “In Electronica We Trust” is the motto of the M25 and which M25 we trust. This cavernous place has the one of the best sound systems in town and has the lead in the dance and cultural events in Warsaw.

Harlem– This store has become one of the most popular clubs in town. DJ’s pump hip-hop, R & B and gangsta rap to a crowd dressed in a strait line of blinked MTV video.