Warsaw for Kids

Warsaw is a city friendly to children? Naturally! Not only enjoyable but also interesting. You can find many attractions and historical sites, museums which do not bore you, and plenty of fresh air attractions. One only has to know what you are looking for.

The city has several parks, but beware of Lazienki Park, since it is prohibited bicycling or lying on the grass. Mokotowskie Polo is the most sports-oriented park with many activities for children. Skaryszewski Park on the other side of the river is wild and you can find people who having a picnic or playing frisbee. There is also a lake where you can rent kayaks.

There are also many places to rent bicycles. The new trend is to put coffee in bike shops and often there are activities for children. Check out Lowery.

Each neighborhood has a center for children and a house of culture, both have many activities for children. On Sunday there Zacheta gallery art classes for children. Bajlandia is a very interesting place full of interactive toys and climbing equipment for very young children.


• Garden Jordan – Mokotów, near the crossroads of Odyniec Street and Independence Avenue

• Park.Stefan Żeromski – Zoliborz, near Wilson Square

Ujazdowski Park – Downtown, near Ujazdowskie Avenue

• Royal Baths – Downtown, 1 Agricola St.

• Morskie Oko Park – Mokotów, Puławska Street

• Krasinski Park – Downtown, Krasinski Square

• Mirowski Park – Downtown, John Paul II Avenue (at the back of Hall Mirowska)

• Szczubełka Park – Mokotów, near the crossroads of Powsińska and Morszyńska Streets

• Szczęśliwicki Park – Ochota, entrance from Usypiskowa Street

• Kępa Potocka – Zoliborz Coast Gdynia Street (near the Olympic Center (Olympic Center))

• Wojciechowski Street – Ursus

• Park “AK District Prague” – Prague South., Near the crossroads of Grochowska and Podskarbińska Streets

• Stanislas near Boulevard – Prague South., Skaryszewski Park

• Fort Bema – Bemowo, Defenders of Tobruk Streets


The capital offers many opportunities to spend time here more actively. There are several pools and water parks open all year and there are more options outside during the summer. We also suggest riding, skating rinks, go-kart tracks and many other forms of entertainment.

Aqua Parks at Wodny Park, Park Wodny Prawy Brzeg, Wodnik
Skating Rinks at Skating Rink Promenada in Promenada shopping mall, Arena in front of the Palace of Culture and Science
Horse Riding


Basilisk– A legend says that in the basements of the buildings along one side of Dekert at the corner of Krzywe Kolo, a basilisk lives. Guarding the treasure once stored there, and every man who tried to reach them was killed by the basilisk gaze that turns men to stone.

Golden Duck– Once, long ago a princess who had become a golden duck lived in the basement of the castle Ostrogski. People said that anyone found her would be rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Stone Bear– According to the romantic legend of the bear stone in front of the Basilica of Our Lady of Grace of the Patroness of Warsaw (Jesuit monastery) is indeed charming, timid prince is waiting the only woman whose love can bring back to his adulthood.

Warsaw Mermaid– According to legend, a mermaid swimming in the sea stopped at the riverbank nears the old town to rest. She found the place so wonderful that she decided to stay.

Wars and Sawa- There are a couple of legends about wars and Sawa, which arose because, in truth, nobody knows where the name of capital comes from. Only two things are certain: Wars and Sawa used to live next to the Vistula River, beautiful, and the beginning of the city is connected with the hospitality and kind-hearted local residents.