Warsaw for Free

While visiting this Polish city, you will find lots of great things to do that won’t cost a thing.

Warsaw offers a superlative vacation experience to the thousands of tourists who flock to its doors. Visit some of the gems that the city has to offer that does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Warsaw, Poland’s capital and largest city, is divided into several different districts, including Sródmiescie, Wola, Prague and more. Many of the gems of these cities were destroyed during the Second World War, but many have been restored. You can see some of the best examples of these in Stare Miasto, the old city. Not just a city of museums and churches.

Warsaw also has a lively nightlife with a wide selection of restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

A city that full of opportunities to develop- It is not the vibrant and cultural city in Europe yet there is something mysterious in Warsaw. Old Town is just beautiful. It was amazing. Do not agree to go with the random taxi drivers at the airport. They overcharge foreigners.

Warsaw is a big city and Oki Doki is an ideal base for a trip. The main city center is easily explored on foot and further transport is cheap and easy. There is much to do here from brilliant museums like the Museum of the Nation and the Uprising Museum, art galleries such as Zacheta.

Eating out can be fun and not too expensive. Pirogi is necessary but I would advise you to be adventurous like the Polish cuisine which is very delightful.

In Warsaw, It made you to have a lot of friends and be sure to be in contact with travelers to the locals. The locals are very friendly and helpful, even the elderly who cannot understand English.

Shopping in Warsaw is great if you like designer clothes or trinkets to take home. A total of Warsaw is a big city, a real contrast of new and old. It is a lively place of culture and life and certainly one of your favorite places. I am sure you will be coming back here.

Do not miss the old town – which is very cozy, and definitely do not miss Królewskie Lazienki Park – which is spectacular with all the squirrels running around.

A country regardless of their heritage is defined by its people. The Poles are among the nicest and finest people.