Polish Film is known around the world due to a few names: Polanski, Wajda, Kieslowski. But while these directors are mostly famous for their work outside Poland, many names have been made in the country, although they tend to be neglected from the outside except for a handful of enthusiasts and the Polish diaspora around the world. However, as the Polish film festivals are becoming increasingly common in the U.S. and the UK. The curiosity of the outside world is becoming bitten by the intrigue of Polish cinema.

Poland has a well developed culture film.

Cinema City Galeria Mokotow– This is the big resort-style film that could be used for. It often found in malls and many places around the city – this is the house of marketing that you as a bucket of popcorn with the heart attack type of terrain.

Atlantic– The strange juxtaposition of history and modern creature comforts (like the city itself), the Atlantic opened in 1930 and amended several times since. Enjoy 4 air-conditioned rooms with the latest technologies.

Kino Wisla– In the center of Zoliborz in Wilson Plaza, it is the beautiful corner of the center. What else can boast sofa’s living room?

Kino Luna– Independent and classic films shown here all week, with offers of special tickets for students in Monday to Friday.

Kino Lab– Want to make an impression in that quiet, artistic, black-clad hottie? At the time of leaving this place, although she will be begging for chips football, beer and potatoes. Now that is indie.

Kinoplex Femina– Another location of several multiplex. This is probably not in a good shape as the league Villa del Cine. However, the gadgets necessary for you to enjoy the last big money-blowing success are there.

Kinoplex Relax– Articulation is very modern, located right in the center of the city.

Cinema City Bemowo– A stone’s throw from the Torunska Trasa that you will find this massive multiplex. It connects directly to the Carrefour Hypermarket through a “cosmic tunnel.” Be sure to visit the field of bowling and a cafeteria.

Promenada Cinema City– It is located inside at Promenada Mall.

Kinoteka– All that culture in a palace can be exhausting. Step in Kinoteka are the modern facilities. Join the club, and get fat discounts.

Cinema City Sadyba– Another multiplex connected to a monument to trade, this time it is the best shopping Sadyba. You will also find the famous Panasonic IMAX 3D here.

Paradiso– Also a dwarf alternative. But remember that small is beautiful. Besides to these are the independent films usually have more originality in a minute than ‘Spiderman vs Anaconda XII’ ever will.

Silver Screen– Galleries, bars, theater rentals, cafes, and, the movies. This place has a lot more than you would expect from the movies. Feeling extra Bling? Get free drinks and more legroom on the screen of platinum.

Iluzjon Filmoteki Narodowej– Slightly smaller joint, specializing in strange pics and cult classics.