A health club is similar to a gym or exercise center where the purpose is physical exercise. Gyms and clubs usually have free weights and fitness machines that can be used by members. Often there are more options and resources such as pools, tennis ball, boxing, yoga, massage and other activities in the gym, rather than a typical gym.

Gyms usually employ personal trainers, fitness coaches or nutrition experts and offer a service to health services and body care services. Most gyms offer basic programs for weight loss, cardio training, body building and body toning. Many fitness centers also include programs for sports and provide training in martial arts, kickboxing, yoga, aerobics or Pilates.

The gyms are usually membership based with monthly fees. There are several major gym chains that offer very large facilities for fitness and offers a variety of members, with the option of having a personal training, or enroll in specialized fitness classes.

It depends on the gym. Some common classes are Pilates, yoga, spin cycling, Thai-Bo kick boxing, aerobics, high-level classes, Boot Camp classes, cycling, Everlast Shadow Box, mind/body, upper classes, strength training, and swimming lessons and water polo.

Biorelax– It caters to women. Fully equipped gym, Pilates and yoga classes, TBC, sauna and massage.

Holmes Place– In 3,800 m2 this is the largest Warsaw fitness center, and includes a 25 meter pool, a café and latest high technology equipment.

Klub Forest– Fat burning, ABT, steps and yoga.

Leisure Club– Luxury fitness and swimming facilities in the Bristol Hotel.

Pure Health and Fitness– Located in Zlote Tarasy, third floor, with facilities including gym, jacuzzi, sauna and solarium.

Studio Calypso– Gym, beauty salon, hairdresser and sauna.

Gold’s Gym– Located in Stanislawa Kotski Potockiego Street. It offers examples of fitness facilities in all gyms with an excellent selection of free weights, classes and the latest cardiovascular equipment.

Gymnasium– It is the largest Warsaw’s Fitness Club. Located at Pulawska Street.

World Class Gym– Marriot Hotel in Warsaw. Recommended by a local sports enthusiast. Located at Aleje Jerozolimskie 65.

Radisson Blu Centrum Hotel– has a recreation center that stretches over 800 square meters. This gym has a pool, sauna and two exercise rooms, along with a spinning room and aerobics training. Guests can enjoy beauty treatments and a steam bath. The recreation center is managed by First Class Fitness.

Riveriew Wellness Center– is a place of excellence, with spectacular views of Warsaw from the floor 43 and 44 of the InterContinental Warszawa. This remarkable location is extremely inspiring and relaxing. More than 1000 square meters are the, Technogym fitness equipment of last generation and wellness facilities supreme.